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Hot Shoe Studio

Our expertise is firmly rooted in marketing, visual media and business coaching.  With decades of experience in customer service, marketing, sales, photography and a handful of other complimentary areas, we are here to assist your business by overseeing your marketing needs from start to finish or simply consulting from time-to-time, keeping you on track for success.  Our long-time love for photography and the visual arts has transformed into a perfect pairing,  bringing our marketing solutions and strategies alive!  Offering a hybrid ability to produce both photography and video we are taking our ideas from concept to reality under one roof.  Know where your business is headed, call us today and schedule a free consultation.

Our ambition is to create, inspire and implement growth in business by working alongside the owners and management staying true to their company message, vision and goals.  We view ourselves as a  "ghost" marketing company - our goal is to never be seen or heard, you will never see water marks, you will never see bylines, just your company's message enhanced and larger than life!

We understand that a commitment to marketing for every business is very important, however not all businesses have the resources to implement or hire a full time marketing staff,  so we specialize in small to medium sized businesses trying to grow to the next stage in the own evolution; as well as supplementing all businesses large and small with the tools to get noticed and create sales in today's economy.   We look forward to working with you in the near future, hearing all about your goals, and helping you achieve your very best!

The world is a big place...

Our job is to attract the right clients to your business.



Our Services



Creating an experience with and for your customer.  Letting them interact with your product and or service in an interesting way, leading them to having a memorable experience with your company / product or staff.   Creating bonds and inspiring people! See More...



Alliances are a vital part of the business world; the same can be said for the marketing field.  There is the alliance between marketing campaigns, alliances between contracts, political alliances. Here we'll talk about the simplest alliance of all, one which will give you the most impact you could ever imagine when done correctly.   See More...



Hot Shoe Studio has had decades of sales and training experience, why not have your business benefit from our years of expertise?  We can provide you with a comprehensive training package specifically tailored for your staff, so they can meet your business’s sales demands. See More...



Bridging the gap between online and offline worlds are blurring more and more every day as we have shoppers starting on line then buying in store and people going into stores to learn about the products ask their questions and get a hands on feel for the products then returning home to make the purchase online directly from the manufacture.. See More...


From Product Photography to Real Estate aerial photos, we can cover your photography needs in-house!  Taking our ideas right from start to finish means we get exactly what you're after every time.  We don't offer wedding or family portraits though...sorry!  See More...



Marketing Strategy, Coaching and Consulting are avenues where we can assist you in putting your business plan on track with your marketing efforts to amplify your goals - structuring you marketing efforts and creating a simplified plan to create success. See More...



The majority of new companies, regardless of size, will use Community Marketing in the beginning to get their business off the ground, even Google and Nike started this way.  Does that mean they should stop at a certain point?  Of course not, Community Marketing is a fantastic way to communicate your business goals and values as a company.  And it allows for a high amount of organic marketing to take place, that word of mouth marketing your business would be no where without.  See More...



There is WAY more to online marketing than likes, shares, back-links and websites.  If a marketing company sets their value by the amount of any of these they can bring to your business, walk away! Understanding what you need to do to determine the  wants and needs of your customers, clients and advocates, interacting with them socially and truly caring about them has become more challenging than ever over the internet.  In the online world, business owners need to interpret their clients desires and offer them a product/experience that would be fulfilling to them, all before ever meeting them face-to-face.  In the age of the worldwide web, clients have been turned into keystrokes and data to be interpreted, then extrapolated through algorithms and analytics. See More...



Videography - the process of capturing your ideas in motion!  Everything from bringing awareness to your business/products to retaining customers and changing them into clients by creating online demos or interviews.  The uses are only limited by your imagination. This feature sets us apart from a lot of different companies.  Having the combination of film and marketing is very powerful. We look forward to helping you produce your next great demo, YouTube channel, or even a How-to for Television! See More...

It’s been great having a second set of eyes on our marketing over the past year and bringing the power of visual media to our ideas has been jumping our business forward !
— Corinne Mafnas
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 We look forward to hearing from you in the near future. For all the people that don't like using forms like below feel free to email me at  I can't wait to hear about your business.